Silent Hill 2 remake could be a PS5 exclusive


A Silent Hill 2 remake could be in development at Bloober Studios.

The Polish studio focuses on “creating psychological horror games unlike any other on the market” according to their website, and you might already be familiar with their work if you have played the likes of Layers of Fear, and last year’s “The Medium”.

As stated earlier, the Polish team could now be working on a remake to one of the most famous survival horror games ever made, Silent Hill 2.

So says podcaster and leaker NateTheHate2 in a tweet (via PC Gamer), who also states that the game will feature “reworked puzzles” and “new endings”.

This could also be a PS5 exclusive too, with the leaker saying that Bloober’s game will be a timed exclusive on PlayStation consoles. This Silent Hill 2 remake might release only on new-gen or also come out for last-gen, meaning there would be a PS4 version too – this is not known right now.

Also, industry insider Jeff Grubb has corroborated the leak, and claims that Konami was planning to do a reveal at the E3 show last year before changing its plans.

This is certainly an exciting bit of news, as Silent Hill fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of a new game in the series since Konami cancelled Kojima’s Silent Hills project back in 2015. But now the Japanese company seems to have paid attention to the collective chant of the Silent Hill crowd and will apparently not only release the Silent Hill 2 remake, but also another mainline entry and spin-off side stories games.

But it’s likely the Silent Hill 2 remake being made by Bloober what’s closest to release, even if in an interview with IGN earlier this week company CEO Piotr Babieno still said that the team “can’t comment on anything we are doing because we appreciate our relationship with our partners”. Announcements about their future games would be made “as soon as we can”, said Babieno.

One thing that many Silent Hill fans might be worried about is how true to the original the Silent Hill 2 remake will be – it seems Bloober wants to do things its own way despite working with Konami’s IP, as Babieno said in this interview. “If we are not able to tell our own story, if we will not have creative freedom, it doesn’t make sense, because Bloober Team will not make a great game”, said the man.

Hopefully, though, and if the Polish outfit is really working on a Silent Hill 2 remake, they will be able to deliver a great survival horror experience.

Because Silent Hill 2 is definitely one of the best games in Konami’s series (although arguably Silent Hill 3 is the better game), but looks a bit long in the tooth now, having been released more than 20 years ago.

So it would be a great thing if the (rumored) remake not only lifts the visuals to modern standards, but also enhances the gameplay so that this will be the definite edition of Silent Hill 2 when it’s released at a future date – maybe as a timed PS5 exclusive or not, something we’re hoping to find out sooner rather than later.

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