Silent Hill movie director says Konami planning revival of the franchise with several games in development


Silent Hill is one of the better-known survival horror video game series, but several movies have also hit the silver screen. One of these was directed by French auteur Christophe Gans, and is actually one of the best video game movies made to date (the less is said of the latter Silent Hill Revelations movie the better though).

Gans is currently involved in another movie project, and (as you can guess) it’s another Silent Hill movie, which is currently in pre-production and begins filming next February. And in a recent interview with France’s Movie and Game, Gans said that Konami “will revive the franchise”, and that “several games” are in development right now.

As translated by a Resetera user (via PC Gamer), the French director said one of the things that prompted Konami to bring back their survival horror game series is the success of Capcom’s Resident Evil remakes.

“I’m working with the Silent Team, the original creators at Konami, there are several games in development as we speak, there are several teams on it, with a big line of games, they will revive the franchise, I think they were really impressed of the success of the remakes of Resident Evil that are evidently exceptional games”, said Gans.

It is noteworthy that Gans refers to “Silent Team” here, as Konami’s Team Silent were responsible for the original games in the franchise up to Silent Hill 4: The Room, including the classic Silent Hill 2.

Actually, Gans confirmed in the interview what rumors doing the rounds online had been claiming for a long while now – that Poland’s Bloober Team is working on a Silent Hill 2 remake.

“Several teams” are working on other games, and apparently former members of Team Silent are taking part in developing these games, as well as working with Gans on the next Silent Hill movie as can be read from the director’s comments above.

Regarding the next Silent Hill movie, Gans said it will be “more psychological” than the first.

“I’ll enter into something way more psychological and way more psychoanalytic in order to try to make people understand that Silent Hill isn’t only this strange labyrinth that changes its form but also the projection of tortured and tormented souls and sometimes of extremely paradoxical feelings that can be between mad love and violence”, said Gans.

And hopefully both this movie and the upcoming Silent Hill games live up to fan expectations when they come out sometime in the future, but it would surely be a great thing if Konami broke its silence and started talking about the upcoming games in its star franchise sooner rather than later too.

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