Rumor: Remedy and Epic could be working on an Alan Wake sequel


It’s clear that many gamers were left stunned by Alan Wake in 2010. This is because the game not only boasted impressive visuals, but also an atmospheric setting and story to boot.

Set in the US town of Bright Falls, the game let players take control of Alan Wake (the game’s protagonist and namesake) in a third-person adventure in which writer Alan Wake had to save the town from the forces of darkness. For this, he had to resort to firearms and also to his trusty flashlight, as the game’s enemies (a group of undead known as “the Taken”) had shields which had to be destroyed with light.

Like other games by Finnish developer Remedy, Alan Wake was an original and entertaining game, which launched on the Xbox 360 and later on PC, becoming something of a cult hit even if it wasn’t a top-seller back in 2010 when it hit shelves.

And now fans of the game will be happy to know that a sequel could be in development at Remedy.

VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb said so during a Twitch stream, as was recently reported on

Obviously, this is nothing official as Remedy Entertainment remains tight-lipped about its Alan Wake sequel (if it actually, exists that is).  But as Dark Side of Gaming points out, Grubb is a pretty reliable source even though rumors and leaks (such as those related to other gaming franchises like Assassin’s Creed) must always be taken with a pinch of salt.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that the franchise has been in Remedy’s mind ever since it launched the first Alan Wake game back in 2010.

In 2015, it was revealed that the studio had created an Alan Wake 2 prototype to pitch the game to publishers, but the project didn’t move on and the sequel did not materialize.

More recently, Alan Wake fans held their collective breaths when a trailer for a non-existing game named “Alan Wake’s Return” was featured in Remedy’s Quantum Break video game – a strong hint that the Finnish outfit was plotting the return of novelist-turned-action-hero Alan Wake in another video game.

Also, there was the announcement of an Alan Wake TV show in 2018, and Remedy’s boss Sam Lake openly said in summer 2019 that he hoped his studio could make an Alan Wake sequel someday.

In the 2019 interview Lake also mentioned that the “bar is higher” nowadays, suggesting that Remedy would need the backing of a big publisher in order to have the means necessary to produce Alan Wake 2.

And it seems that the Finnish studio has the support it needs for such a project, as the company had signed a publishing deal with Epic Games for two video game projects as reported on Eurogamer.

One of these is a “AAA multiplatform game already in pre-production”, so the question that begs asking here is, could it be Alan Wake 2?

Remedy actually brought Alan Wake back in the second expansion for their hit video game Control as Eurogamer points out. Both games take place in the same universe, and fans of the Alan Wake video game must have been delighted to see one of their favorite video game characters make a return last summer.

This is another hint that another Alan Wake game could be in development, but until we get official confirmation from Remedy or Epic Games this only remains pure speculation… What’s clear, though, is that with Epic’s funding and Remedy’s talent Alan Wake 2 could surely be one hell of a video game. Here’s hoping, then, that those wanting to see an Alan Wake 2 will get good news in the weeks and months to come…