You decide who lives or dies in Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s live action trailer


There is no doubt plenty of video game fans are looking forward to Middle-earth: Shadow of War, an upcoming video game set in the Lord of the Rings universe. After all, this is a sequel to 2014’s incredible Shadow of Mordor, one of the best video games set in Tolkien’s fantasy world released to date. And it looks like this sequel will be bigger and bolder than its predecessor by a mile, if the trailers and previews we have seen so far are anything to go by.

And Warner Bros. has released the most epic trailer for the game yet, a live action masterpiece that might remind you of Peter Jackson’s movie adaptations, as it features human and orc armies colliding in a massive battle. We also see protagonist Talion storming a fortress with his orc followers where he is faced with a difficult choice: save his follower or slay his nemesis, which is something you get to decide for yourself this being the interactive trailer it is.

What’s clear though, is that this stunning live action trailer will help whet people’s appetites for the game before its release this fall. And if Middle-earth: Shadow of War is anywhere as good as its predecessor Shadow of Mordor was in 2014, then fans sure are in for a treat when this upcoming Lord of the Rings game hits shelves next month.

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