Sony exec explains why Ghost of Tsushima wasn’t announced earlier


Without a doubt, one of the most interesting games announced at this year’s Paris Games Week was Ghost of Tsushima. This is an open-world game set in feudal Japan during the Mongol invasions, and stars a samurai looking to do battle with conqueror Genghis Khan and his hordes.

But aside from the game’s premise and the fact that this will feature open-world gameplay like many other games these days, little is known of Ghost of Tsushima yet, although the trailer below certainly makes clear that this will be a great-looking game when it hits shelves sometime in the future.

This will also be studio Sucker Punch Productions’ first release since 2014’s Infamous: First Light, a well-reviewed action and adventure game and a sequel to the popular Infamous: Second Son. But you might be wondering why publisher Sony took so long to announce Sucker Punch’s open-world video game, something which executive Michael Denny recently addressed in an interview with gaming outlet GameSpot.

“In the past, I think it’s fair to say sometimes we announced games too early”, said Denny. “I think it’s the right time to announce that, and they’ve been working on that game for a long time now. There is great [playable version of the game] already. So we’re just excited to let everybody know about it”, added the Sony executive.

And truth be told, Denny does have a point, as announcing games too early is bound to create expectations that might later not be met once the finished product sees the light of day.

After all, developing a major AAA game these days is a big endeavour, with features being added and removed as the game nears completion. And sometimes devs make early claims about what to expect from a game, only for players later to find out such features are either missing or not quite what was actually promised. Such was the case with 2016’s No Man’s Sky (another Sony published game) which in the end turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments of the year and also suffered one of the worst launches of 2016.

So, Sony’s move not to announce Ghosts of Tsushima ahead of time and wait until developer Sucker Punch had more time to work on the game definitely makes sense then, and here’s hoping this upcoming samurai video game from the US studio does turn out to be something special when it hits shelves in the future.