Sony launches PlayStation 5 website as reveal day approaches


It’s clear plenty of people are looking forward to the PlayStation 5’s launch this fall. This makes sense taking into account what a success Sony’s PS4 has been this generation. After selling more than 100 million units, the PlayStation 4 has become one of the top-selling consoles of all time, meaning Sony will surely want to repeat that success with the upcoming PlayStation 5.

To that effect, the Japanese company recently launched its official PS5 website, as was recently reported on GameSpot. Don’t expect to find much on it just yet though – Sony admits its not yet ready to fully reveal its eagerly awaited next-gen console.

“We’ve begun to share some of the incredible features you can expect from PlayStation 5, but we’re not quite ready to fully unveil the next generation of PlayStation”, says the company on its website, adding that information regarding the console’s release date, price and “upcoming roster of PS5 launch games” will be made available in the future.

But when will Sony finally raise the curtain and show the PS5 to the world? Recent rumors suggest this could be as soon as this month – a PlayStation event in late February could be the venue for a worldwide reveal of the new PlayStation console.

Some things, though, we already know. The console’s logo (see image above) will be virtually identical to that of other consoles in the PlayStation family, while backwards compatibility with PS4 games is surely a given.

More excitingly, recent rumors point to the console being backwards compatible with all other members of the PlayStation family. So, will people be able to play their collection of PS2 games on the new machine? Something to dream about, no doubt.

Also, Sony has revealed the PS5 will come with a pretty advanced controller, which will feature haptic feedback and programmable trigger resistance meaning the new Dualshock will be a nifty gadget for sure…

And one question on many PlayStation fans heads is what will the new console look like?

A new leak suggests that Sony might be willing to take some risks with the PS5’s looks and the new PlayStation will resemble the development kit many video game studios have in their hands right now (see image below).

A V-shaped indentation (alluding to the Roman number 5 as GamesRadar points out) could give Sony’s console a touch of class and help differentiate it from previous PlayStation consoles, which have looked like bricks with a coat of black paint.

They still played games great so no one is complaining about aesthetics though, but giving the PS5 a different look could nonetheless be a bold move on Sony’s part if this leak is confirmed.

Another matter, though, is how much the PS5 will cost. Earlier rumors pointed to a $500 US dollar launch price for Sony’s console, which seems OK given the machine’s power and features. Sony will likely want to undercut Microsoft like it did in 2013 with the PS4, even if the company admits it’s watching its greatest competitor before settling on a price for PS5.

It’s a matter of wait and see then, and given that a PlayStation reveals is surely just around the corner, we’ll know all the details about Sony’s next-gen machine soon enough.

PS5 logo (Sony)
PS5 devkits (Twitter)