New Batman: Arkham game will be a reboot of the series, says report


The Batman: Arkham games are some of the best superhero games ever released, even if admittedly 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins is the weak link and doesn’t live up to the rest though.

And it’s a pity that British developer Rocksteady won’t be making any more games featuring the Caped Crusader (not in the near future at least), as it’s busy working on a new superhero game set in the DC universe.

It was initially rumored this upcoming game would put players in the shoes of Superman, but this is not so, even if Warner Bros. games (the publisher behind the Batman Arkham games) might actually be working on a new Superman game aimed at next-gen hardware according to a recent report by Geeks Worldwide (via GamesRadar).

In the short term, though, we know Warner Bros. will be putting out another Batman game, one it has been teasing for a while on its website and via a series of tweets (see below).

According to the Geeks Worldwide report, this won’t actually be a sequel to 2015’s acclaimed Batman: Arkham Knight though, but rather a reboot of the series.

A sequel to Rocksteady’s superb 2015 game was in the works though: it was to feature Damian (Bruce Wayne’s son) as the new Batman, but the idea was scrapped before Warner Bros. Montreal (the game’s developer) could say a word about the game at the 2016 Game Awards.

The report says the new, rebooted Batman game is coming this fall. It is to feature the Court of Owls, confirming earlier rumors about the game. There will also be a playable Bat family according to the report, meaning you won’t be spending almost all your time playing as the Batman as in Rocksteady’s earlier games. More interestingly, this Batman game will also introduce co-op to the Batman: Arkham series, which no doubt is something to look forward to.

Warner Bros. is also hoping to do more with the next Batman: Arkham game than just release another entry in the acclaimed series though. This will supposedly be part of a new DC game universe which will also include another superhero game by Rocksteady Studios, and the Superman game discussed earlier.

It remains to be seen, though, when will Warner Bros. see fit to announce its new Batman game – this year’s E3 show is a possibility if the game is indeed slated for a fall release.

For the time being, and aside from this latest information (which still must be taken with a pinch of salt as anonymous sources are involved), concept art for the new Batman game has leaked out too.

Apparently one of the vehicles players will be able to ride in the game will be the Batcycle, with the tweet above showing how this could look in-game.

It’s only a matter of waiting, then, for more information about the next Batman: Arkham game to surface, as this will surely be one of the biggest games of the year if it does come this fall, so stay tuned for further information regarding the next entry in the Arkham series in the weeks to come.