Steam sale dates for 2019 have leaked out


The Steam sales have attracted millions of gamers over the years, with many people eager to pick up some of the best recent (and not so recent) games at discounted prices.

This year, though, it’s likely that Valve will want to redouble its efforts and make the Steam sales even more engaging (coming up with even better bargains might do the trick).

This is because increased competition from the likes of the Epic Games Store, which is giving away games for free every week, and Ubisoft’s Uplay (which apparently has been doing better as of late) is putting pressure on Valve’s service these days.

Especially troubling for US company Valve might be the fact that Epic has been taking exclusives such as Metro Exodus away from Steam. Although good for Steam is the fact that apparently some of EA’s games such as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Dragon Age 2 could be returning to Valve’s store.

The Steam sales are still something to look forward to though (even if it can be argued there’s a dark side to them too), and those eager to spend their Steam Wallet credit will be happy to know that the dates for 2019’s remaining sales have leaked out.

This is according to Steam Database (via which has revealed that Steam’s Halloween sale will begin on October 28 (next Monday) and end on November 1, which should give players enough time to pick up plenty of spooky-themed games.

Also, according to this leak, the Steam autumn sale will kick off on November 26, and extend into December 3 (which as some have pointed out is technically winter).

Finally, the big winter sale begins on December 19, and ends on January 2, in which hundreds or even possibly thousands of games will be available to pick up at discounted prices – so happy bargain hunting folks!

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Steam storefront (Valve Corporation)