Steam now tells you how much money you’ve spent on games so far


Since its launch in 2003, Steam has become the go to place for PC gamers looking to buy digital games and has become an institution in the gaming sphere too. Also, its massive success has made Valve CEO Gabe Newell one of the world’s top billionaires too

And now that the next Steam sale is looming, it’s likely many will be looking forward to add plenty of new games to their library at discounted prices.

The thing is, those who have been partaking in the sales long enough will have seen their “backlog of shame” grow to immense proportions. This backlog is made up of the games people have been purchasing on Steam over the years, but never got to play… This could be up to 40 % of the Steam games people own, according to one 2014 report.

But despite the fact that the Steam sales encourage digital hoarding, it’s likely people will be looking to spend more in the upcoming 2018 summer sale. If you’re the sort who’s worried you might have spent too much so far and wish to keep your expenses in check during the next sale though, Valve has come up with a nifty little tool which tells you how much you’ve spent to date on Steam games.

You can access this here, and after logging to your Steam account the grand total will appear onscreen. Having been an avid Steam user since 2008, I wasn’t surprised to discover I had spent quite a bit on digital games thus far (just a little over $1,000) but I’m sure this pales in comparison to the figures the Steam fanatics out there will be seeing on their screens for sure.

It’s clear though that the experience of buying games on Steam has been great for many, particularly during Valve’s store famous sales, and it doesn’t look like this year will be any different meaning players the world over will be pumping money into Valve’s store for the foreseeable future at least.