Swimsuit Mario drives the Internet crazy


Without a doubt, one of the most eagerly awaited games of the year is Super Mario Odyssey. This makes sense taking into account that this will be the first Super Mario game to hit the Nintendo Switch – a console which has been selling like hot cakes since its debut last March.

Of course, aside from the Switch’s success this year and Nintendo fans’ eagerness to play the first Mario game on the Switch aside from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there’s also the fact that Mario is one of the most charismatic characters in the history of gaming ever.

Actually, since the chubby plumber was introduced in 1981, he has appeared in more than 200 games, which collectively have sold more than 200 million copies. And there have been superb Mario games released over the years, including 2010’s Super Mario Galaxy, arguably the best Mario game of all time.

But it’s the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey fans are focused on right now though, a game which is slated for release on October 27 this year. And it’s understandable that the Mario faithful were excited when Nintendo put out another trailer for Super Mario Odyssey (see below).

This trailer gives fans a taste of some of the new stages (such as icy Shiveria) and enemies Mario will be dealing with in Nintendo’s upcoming game, as well as some of the new outfits the iconic plumber will be wearing in this new Nintendo Switch game.

There’s one bit of the trailer that left few people indifferent though – one bit which showed Mario sporting a red swimsuit. Fans couldn’t help but notice Nintendo’s loveable character had nipples, and also that this was one of the few times we had seen Mario wearing nothing but shorts in a video game.

This drew all sorts of reactions from fans as reported on GameSpot, with some nothing that other Nintendo characters which have appeared with their upper body uncovered in games (like Yoshi) do not have nipples, or that Mario himself did not have them when he appeared shirtless in earlier games.

In the end, though, what matters is that Super Mario Odyssey does indeed live up to the hype when it ships this October, proving to be another great entry in the Mario canon that people will enjoy playing on the Nintendo Switch this fall.

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