Terminator: Resistance to hit the PS5 in 2021


First-person action games have been in vogue since the original Doom game caused a sensation in the early 90’s. And given how widely imitated id Software’s monster-slaying game has been, it’s not surprising quite a few movie licensed games have been first-person shooters too.

Such is the case of Terminator: Resistance, which was released to much fanfare in late 2019, obviously to cash-in on moviegoers’ interest for the Terminator: Dark Fate movie which hit theatres that year.

Like Terminator: Dark Fate, though, the Terminator: Resistance game was a disappointment to many people, getting mediocre review scores all round. However, as movie licensed games go, it wasn’t that bad. Playing as resistance fighter Jacob Rivers, players got to mow down waves of T-800s in the “Future War” setting which was only briefly seen in James Cameron’s movies. And it also had some pretty ropey video game sex in it too…

And now video game publisher Reed Entertainment has announced that Terminator: Resistance is coming out for PS5 next year. Arriving on March 21, 2021, Terminator: Resistance Enhanced will take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s advanced hardware to deliver better visuals and frame rates, plus faster load times are obviously to be expected too.

Also, it will take advantage of the new DualSense controller’s features. Haptic feedback for weapons is to be expected here (as seen in this year’s Call of Duty), likely leading to a more immersive gameplay experience. Plus, updates which have been released for the PC version since the game’s launch in November 2019 will also be incorporated in this version.

More interestingly, Terminator Resistance: Enhanced will feature a new gameplay mode (“infiltrator mode”) which lets you play as the T-800, letting you fight for the machines and take the battle to the hapless humans.

It remains to be seen, though, whether the PS5 version of the game will improve the game overall and turn it into a worthy movie licensed game. Nonetheless, this still is one of the best Terminator games out there according to some, meaning quite a few fans will be looking forward to Terminator: Resistance’s new-gen debut next year for sure.

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