The Life is Strange video game will be turned into a movie


Fans of episodic adventure games certainly had plenty to cheer about last year, as not only was Telltale Games’ great sci-fi adventure Tales from the Borderlands released in 2015, but adventure fans also got Dontnod Entertainment’s superb Life is Strange, one of the best adventure video games in recent memory.

As a matter of fact, Life is Strange was one of 2015’s best games overall, an endearing story about two teenage friends that are reunited in their home town of Arcadia Bay. One is protagonist Max Claufield, a photography student, and the other Chloe Price, her college dropout best friend.

The game’s plot has supernatural elements, as Max gets time-rewinding powers which are used to solve the game’s puzzles, with Max being able to travel to the past, taking advantage of foresight to get out of sticky situations…

Also, Life is Strange’s Max and Chloe are two of the best-developed characters in a video game to date and capable of conveying real emotions, and not the one-dimensional cardboard cut-outs that you find in the typical video game.

This is what drew movie studio Legendary to Dontnod Entertainment’s game, as the studio is now planning to make a live action adaptation of the game, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Life is Strange really differs from what people think of gaming… there’s an emotional connection to the story that doesn’t happen with other games”, said Greg Siegel of Legendary Digital Studios. The Life is Strange movie will be co-produced by dj2 Entertainment, which was also behind the Sonic the Hedgehog movie which is coming in 2018.

And this is certainly great news for those gamers who loved Life and Strange and would like to see more of protagonists Max Claufield and Chloe, so hopefully this will turn out to be a great live action adaptation of one of 2015’s best games.