No Man’s Sky preview video shows players how to survive on the game’s hostile worlds


No Man’s Sky is without question one of the most eagerly awaited video games of summer 2016, and it’s clear that if Hello Games’ upcoming space exploration game manages to live up to the hype, it could easily turn out to be one of the year’s top-rated video games.

The preview videos we’ve seen so far certainly suggest that this will be a good space epic featuring an enormous galaxy to explore, as was seen in an earlier trailer highlighting the fact that the game will literally feature millions of planets to explore, while another preview video focused on the game’s first-person combat and space dogfighting, and another on the trading aspects of No Man’s Sky.

And this final video, which is titled “Survive”, focuses on how to keep alive on the game’s planets, taking into account that most won’t be serene and beautiful like Earth as the video’s YouTube description suggests. Actually, some planets will have very low, almost freezing temperatures, while others will be scorching hot. Radiation and toxic rainfall will be a problem in others, while some won’t have any terrain to walk on at all, as they will literally be “water worlds” with no coast to speak of.

Thankfully the player’s space suit will have protective shielding to allow him or her to survive these extreme conditions, but it needs to be recharged by either taking shelter or by using collected resources (which were discussed in the earlier “Trade” video). The suit can also be upgraded in order to be able to survive for longer in harsh climate conditions, for instance.

All in all, No Man’s Sky is certainly looking like it could be a very rewarding video game to spend some quality time with, taking into account its multifaceted gameplay featuring exploration, combat and trade, and its great number of planets to explore, so here’s hoping that Hello Games does deliver a great game when No Man’s Sky ships this August.

Note: No Man’s Sky will be released on August 9, 2016 in the US, and August 10 in the UK and Europe. Available on PS4 and PC.