The original Life is Strange is getting a remaster this year


It’s likely that many adventure game fans have fond memories of Life is Strange. Released by little-known studio Dontnod Entertainment back in 2015, this turned out to be an emotionally-gripping adventure game with unforgettable characters and great atmosphere.

Set in the quaint Oregon town of Arcadia Bay, Life is Strange’s mix of the supernatural and a murder mystery sure was a winning formula. The game explored the relationship between teenage friends Max and Chloe, two of the most memorable video game characters in years.

The game was released episodically, and fans were eagerly anticipating each episode as the season moved forward to its conclusion and the mystery was unveiled…

Life is Strange, though, is looking a bit long in the tooth now, so fans will be happy to know that French studio Dontnod Entertainment is busy at work on a remastered edition of the game.

Those yet to play the game will also be able to play all the episodes back to back and enjoy Max and Chloe’s story without waiting for episode releases, soaking in the atmosphere of Life is Strange’s Arcadia Bay.

Aside from the original Life is Strange, its prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm is also being remastered, with publisher Square Enix and Dontnod promising “all new enhanced graphics and animations”.

Life is Strange’s prequel Before the Storm, while never reaching the heights of the original, is also a very good game in its own right, so it’s definitely good news that it’s receiving the remaster treatment.

Both games will be included in the upcoming Life is Strange Remastered Collection, which includes remastered versions of both the original game and the prequel, and which is due for release later this year.

And it’s clear that Dontnod is taking this remaster seriously as they have not handed it over to a third party. Actually, the people behind Life is Strange: Before the Storm are taking care of the next Life is Strange game, and not Dontnod themselves.

Life is Strange: True Colors will be the next game in the series, and its coming to consoles and PC on September 10 this year. It features an all new protagonist named Alex, and a rural America setting.

Like Max Caufield in the first Life is Strange game, Alex is gifted with a special power, which allows her to “experience, absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others” according to Square Enix’s press release. The game will use motion capture to bring its characters to life, something which we can expect from the Life is Strange remaster too.

Support for 4K resolution on new-gen consoles and PC is also a given for the remastered games, although there’s not way to know how good these will look as the teaser below does not show any actual gameplay.

But still, Life is Strange fans will surely be thrilled to know that their favorite game is getting remastered, even if Dontnod must tread carefully here in order not to ruin the charm of the original game with this makeover, which likely many people (me included) consider a classic.

The original Life is Strange surely is a cut above Life is Strange 2, which despite being very good at times with its road trip adventure, never came close to the original, which was one of the best games of the last decade no doubt.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection (which as stated earlier includes the remasters of the original Life is Strange and its prequel) will be bundled with the ultimate edition of Life is Strange: True Colors.

This means that those who buy that game will be able to play the remasters of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm on September 10. This is the date on which the next Life is Strange game (True Colors) will be released.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection will also receive a standalone release at a later date.

Here’s hoping it turns out to be great, then, and that both newcomers and Life is Strange fans get to have a great time when Life is Strange Remastered Collection comes out later this year.