This all-time classic RPG is now available on the GOG store


One of the most memorable gaming experiences of the 90’s was a game made by Blizzard. And although you might think we’re referring to the company’s world-conquering RTS StarCraft, there’s another video game those who were gamers back in 1996 surely haven’t forgotten to this day.

The game in question is Diablo, an action role-playing game which instantly captivated people when it was released back in December 1996. Not only was Diablo an excellent game thanks to its superb atmosphere and for the time great graphics, it’s gameplay and music were also top-notch, while the game’s cinematics are still impactful.

Venturing into the monster-infested cathedral beneath the town of Tristram, and later into hell itself, players had to kill all sorts of monsters as they levelled up their character and discovered the story of what went on in Tristram and the hellish world beneath it.

Diablo was surely one of 1996 best games and one of the best games ever made too, so some people may be bummed by the fact that Blizzard’s classic has not been available to buy and play on modern machines for some time now.

Thankfully, Blizzard recently teamed up with to offer its timeless classic on the GOG store. This version of the game not only features full Windows 10 compatibility, but also support for high resolutions with upscaling, making the game look better on today’s cutting-edge PC monitors. Of course, the nostalgic few can also play Diablo as it looked on release – an eyesore perhaps, but a great way of reliving one’s memories too.

Also, four player matchmaking via Blizzard’s service is included, letting you team up with friends to kill the demons lurking beneath Tristram.

Getting hold of this updated version of Diablo could be a great way to enjoy some retro gaming then, while Blizzard is also planning to bring back its early Warcraft games to the GOG store too, which is something to look forward to as well no doubt.