This is when the Steam Summer Sale is taking place according to leaks


The Steam sales are some of the top events of the year for video gamers, no doubt. And it’s clear that many are looking forward to this year’s Summer Sale, as it will be a chance to pick up a boatload of games at heavily discounted prices.

It’s clear last year’s sale offered quite a few bargains to choose from then, and likely it won’t be any different this year. And if you were looking forward to the sales you’ll be happy to know that the dates in which the Steam Summer Sale will be taking place have apparently leaked on forum website Reddit (as spotted by PCGamesN). According to the leaked info, this year’s summer sale will be taking place between June 22 and July 5 (both inclusive).

Of course, despite the fact that the Steam sales are highly-anticipated events for many, it can be argued that there is a dark side to them as well. Well-known is the fact that they lead to a buying binge, with people getting dozens of games they will never actually play, adding to their “backlog of shame”.

But still, it’s clear the Steam sales are a fun activity in themselves, and likely have done more good than ill to the PC gaming scene overall. So here’s hoping this year’s sale turns out to be as great as the previous ones have been when it kicks off next June.

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