This Prince of Persia game and two others are now backwards compatible on Xbox One


Fortunately for Xbox One owners who enjoy playing old games, Microsoft has been busy making Xbox 360 games backwards compatible on its current-gen console for years now, with new additions to the backwards compatibility list coming every month.

Microsoft executive Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) revealed the latest games to make the list via his Twitter account earlier this month.

And much to the delight of Prince of Persia fans everywhere, the series’ 2008 reboot is now playable on the Xbox One, after ten long years of having been confined to the previous gen consoles and PC as Ubisoft did not choose to release a remaster of this old Prince of Persia game.

It’s a good thing that Prince of Persia 2008 is now backwards compatible on Xbox One then, as this is actually one of the best games in the franchise to date even if it was quite a bit different from the Sands of Time trilogy which had come before.

Aside from a new look for the Prince, here you team up with the audacious Elika, a princess who proves to be our hero’s equal when it comes to acrobatics and combat, actually Elika gets to help the Prince get out of a sticky situation or two at several points in the game.

This Prince of Persia game also boasts a new art style (although it may be a bit too colourful for its own good) and some truly inventive settings, making it well worth playing through for series’ and platform game fans alike.

The other two games hitting the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list include Sine Mora, a 3D action game which hit shelves in 2012, while the other is Earth Defence Force 2025, a third-person shooter from the makers of the Imperium Galactica games.

As usual, if you own a digital edition of any of these games you just need to head over to the Xbox One’s “Ready to Download” section to download and install, while owners of a physical edition just need to pop in the disc in order to begin playing. Should you want to take the plunge and purchase any of these games you can do this by heading to Microsoft’s Store here.

Either way, it surely is a great thing that the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list keeps growing each month, letting people keep enjoying their old game library on their current-gen console, and hopefully many more games will be joining the list in the coming months, see some of the best currently available here.