Top 5 pet companions in video games

2. Chop (Grand Theft Auto V)


The trusty Rottweiler Chop could help Franklin survive the vicious streets of Los Santos.


GTA V was no doubt one of the top video game sensations of 2013, with its great crime story, missions, and superb trio of protagonists. And while Trevor, Michael and Franklin had to deal with more than one sticky situation on the dangerous streets of Los Santos on their path to riches, at least players could count on the trusty Rottweiler Chop, a dog owned by Franklin’s pal Lamar but which befriends Franklin and could help him out in some of the game’s missions.

Franklin’s canine companion could also help him in locating hidden packages throughout the game’s world, and could also provide a bit of fun on the side by playing a “go fetch the ball” game with Franklin, or he could even take the Rottweiler on a ride throughout the city (plus Chop is also the protagonist of a hilarious scene early on involving another male dog…) and surely added quite a bit to GTA V’s great sense of humour.