Top 5 video games shown at the 2017 Paris Games Week

2. Ghost of Tsushima

Although several good games set in feudal Japan have been released this year (such as last February’s superb Nioh), there’s another game set during the time of the samurai headed our way. The upcoming Ghost of Tsushima is set in Japan during the Mongol invasion, and the game’s announcement trailer gives an idea of what to expect from the game.

And looking at this Paris Games Week 2017 trailer, it’s clear Ghost of Tsushima will be one pretty-looking game. This takes place on the Japanese island of Tsushima, which was targeted for invasion by Genghis Khan and his hordes in the 14th century.

We still don’t know whether this will play more like Nioh or games like For Honor, focusing more on third-person duels (the game refers to the samurai code, which emphasized one on one fights, so this is likely). Also, it remains to be seen whether this will mainly be a single player game with a story to follow, or focus more on multiplayer gameplay as is the case with many games nowadays. What’s clear, though, is that Ghost of Tsushima is one of the prettiest games seen at PGW 2017, and surely one which PS4 owners will want to keep on their radar.

Release date: TBA. Available on PS4.