Total War: Rome 2 to get new campaign and major update this August


It was one of the biggest video game launches of 2013, a major new entry in the long-running Total War series of games. But while Total War: Rome 2 featured the usual entertaining mix of turn-based strategy on a campaign map and real-time tactics on the battlefield, something was amiss: namely that Creative Assembly’s latest game was buggier than an abandoned cellar, as this certainly was one of the worst video game launches ever.

Thankfully though, British developer Creative Assembly endeavoured to fix all of Total War: Rome 2’s problems and has released major updates for the game over the years meaning the game plays perfectly fine these days, even if it is still no match for 2014’s original Rome: Total War.

And while Creative Assembly has put out some great new games since then (such as Total War: Warhammer and its sequel) some were surprised late last year when the company announced new content would be coming to Total War: Rome 2 in the form of a new campaign, even if the promised family tree (one of the original Rome game’s best features) was nowhere to be seen.

But fans of the PC strategy series will likely be cheering this summer after Creative’s announcement that not only the eagerly anticipated family tree is finally coming to the game, but also that the game will be getting a new campaign too, which will be available on August 9 as a paid DLC.

This campaign is set during the early days of the Roman Republic and will require players to survive against a multitude of enemy factions in order to establish the foundations of the future Roman Empire.

Also, it is clear that those who decide to pick up this campaign will enjoy an even deeper strategy experience thanks to the new family tree feature, which adds a new layer of gameplay and strategic options to the game as Creative Assembly explains on its website and which will be available free of charge to all players via an update in early August.

This could be a good reason for players to return to Total War: Rome 2, as the addition of a much-requested feature and what could be an exciting campaign is nothing to scoff at, so here’s hoping this new content does serve to make Total War: Rome 2 an even better game when it’s released later this summer.

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