Ranking the Total War games from worst to best


Now that the Total War series will be returning with a new historical strategy game soon, it certainly is time to look back at the entire Total War series of games. Since the first game in the series was released in 2000, many other Total War games have been released since then.

But which of these games is the best and which the worst? This will surely be a matter of passionate debate, as Creative Assembly’s strategy series has been played and loved by millions of gamers to date. And while each of these games is worthy of merit, only one can be the best in the end. So without futher ado, here follows a list of all the Total War games, ranked from worst to best.

11. Total War: Rome II (2013)

Total War’s return to Rome wasn’t as great as many had hoped.


If one thing is clear, is that many had great expectations for this sequel to the widely acclaimed Rome: Total War game. But sadly Rome II had one of the worst launches ever, shipping with a plethora of bugs that made enjoying the game at launch impossible for many. This ranged from hilarious ones such as armies retreating just before a charge, to random crashes and lockups. And the fact you had enough time for a coffee while waiting for the computer players to make their moves did not make the game appealing to many people either.

It’s a pity though, because this had one of the largest maps ever, and a huge number of factions to play as, each with detailed units and specific strategies to pursue. Also, provinces were divided into regions here, making conquest a more nuanced affair too… But even if Creative Assembly has stamped out most of the bugs now, this sadly is nowhere close to being a great Total War game though.