Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty game director apologizes for PC version, teases free content based on Nioh and Lies of P


One of the top video games to hit shelves so far this year is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, an epic action RPG game set in ancient China.

Aside from its nice Three Kingdoms setting, this also features pretty good third-person combat, although as you’d expect from a game by Japanese studio Team Ninja, Wo Long sure is a tough nut to crack. It’s one of the hardest games around, although this is to be expected taking into account it’s made by the people who brought us Nioh and its sequel Nioh 2 after all…

Also, although the game’s console launch was mostly trouble free, the PC version suffered from performance problems and bugs, as is common with many PC ports these days. This has led to the game having mixed reviews on Steam, and also to a recent apology from game director Masakazu Hirayama.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone playing the PC version of Wo Long since its release”, said Hirayama on Team Ninja’s website.

Wo Long’s director also stated that the game’s dev team has “placed top priority on optimization and bug fixes”, but that “it will take time to replicate issues and properly fix them”, saying that the team’s continued improvements should allow gamers to “play with peace of mind as soon as possible”.

Aside from apologizing for the PC version of the game, Hirayama has teased free content coming to the game as part of a collaboration with Lies of P and Nioh.

The new content based on Lies of P (another game with “Soulslike” gameplay coming this summer) will be available in September, according to the game’s roadmap below.

Team Ninja has already released a new mission for the game (“boss rush part 2”) and made balance adjustments to Wo Long, but more balance tweaks are coming in a series of free updates through December, including a Nioh collaboration in November.

Nioh, an earlier game by Team Ninja, is another Soulslike, “masocore” experience like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but game director has declined to mention what the new Nioh-based content in Wo Long will be, other than the fact that it will be “exciting” and that fans will “be delighted with the outcome”.

The new upcoming free DLC might be a new type of weapon, in-game equipment or enemy, and less likely a new mission or story content. But it may well be a new “divine beast” – creatures you can summon in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to aid you in combat.

However, those looking for more substantial additions to the game have the upcoming paid DLC to look forward to. The game’s second DLC, titled “Conqueror of Jiangdong” arrives in September, while the third and last (“Upheaval in Jingxiang”) comes in December. These both add to Wo Long’s story, plus feature new missions, enemies and more as seen in the roadmap above.

Those who have been playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will likely be pleased with what Team Ninja is planning for the game, even if some might still be infuriated by the issues (still) plaguing the PC version, even if the Japanese studio will likely be ironing out all the quirks as it delivers new content for the game in what remains of the year.