You can play Star Wars Battlefront for free on Star Wars day


Fans of the Star Wars movies are no doubt familiar with the well-known phrase “may the Force be with you” that is frequently uttered in the films. But since May the 4th is date chosen by many to celebrate all things Star Wars, fans have come up with the twist “May the fourth be with you”. This is more than just a clever pun though, as many fans of George Lucas galactic saga celebrate all things Star Wars on May 4 every year.

And Electronic Arts, publisher of the Star Wars Battlefront video game and others, has decided to join the celebration and allow gamers to play Star Wars Battlefront for free starting on Wednesday, May 4. Those who game on PC will be able to download the game for free from EA’s Origin store, and enjoy 4 hours of gameplay trying out the game’s various multiplayer modes (this gameplay time can be spread over several gaming sessions).

There is also a bonus of 4,444 credits for those who log in on May 4, which they can spend on in-game goodies such as blasters or one of the Hutt contracts. The Jabba the Hutt bounties will allow players to unlock the “Bacta Bomb Star Card” which according to the game’s official website “provides a health boost to you and your allies”.

Aside from the Star Wars Battlefront free trial, EA will also be letting players enjoy Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic RPG (actually the game’s Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion) for free until May 30, which is great for Star Wars fans eager to sample Bioware’s multiplayer online game.

And although many Star Wars fans will be content with re-watching the original trilogy and reliving those childhood memories on May 4, it is clear that these video game free trials could help put a smile on the face of any Star Wars fan too…