10 video games with Xbox One X enhancements coming in 2017

6. The Evil Within 2

Fans of the original The Evil Within video game were elated when Bethesda announced that a sequel would be coming this year. And The Evil Within 2 looks likely to offer the same good survival horror gameplay that many gamers enjoyed in the first game, as returning protagonist Sebastian Castellanos will be searching for his missing daughter in a dark and surreal horror world filled with all sorts of monstrous creatures.

Like its predecessor, this is played in third-person, and lets you get through levels either by resorting to stealth or full-on confrontation with the game’s hideous creatures. Plus, this is also likely to look fantastic on the Xbox One X, as Bethesda’s game will be supporting 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range colours to deliver another bone-chilling survival horror experience that hopefully will live up to the first The Evil Within game this fall.

Release date: October 13.