10 video games with Xbox One X enhancements coming in 2017

9. Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange was something of a sleeper hit back in 2015. Actually, this episodic adventure game won game creators Dontnod Entertainment many fans thanks to its emotional story and great characters. So given how much many enjoyed Life is Strange, it’s logical that Dontnod has decided to release a prequel to that game, which won’t be developed by Dontnod themselves but rather by US studio Deck Nine.

Also, unlike Life is Strange this won’t have any kind of time-rewinding gameplay, although there’s a new conversation system in place which will give you more control over how things play out when talking to others, plus like the original Life is Strange this will also feature multiple endings. Life is Strange: Before the Storm will also support the Xbox One X at launch, meaning lucky owners of Microsoft’s console can expect to enjoy higher resolution graphics and more detailed visuals in this Life is Strange prequel this year.

Release date: August 31.