5 Actors Who Acted in Video Games

2. Mark Hamill (Wing Commander 3)


That’s the guy from Star Wars you know…


You may know actor Mark Hamill from a certain famous film released in the 70’s – it involved Jedi Knights and the Force, you know. And Mark Hamill is set to appear in the new Star Wars film directed by J.J. Abrams in 2015.

But those of you who are into video games (and if you are reading this website you probably are) then you know he also acted in Chris Robert’s Wing Commander series of video games. Wing Commander 3 was a space combat simulator with a space opera story. It was billed in 1995 as an “interactive movie”, but the interactivity just boiled down to picking a conversation choice at certain points during the cutscenes.

The game’s story chronicled humanity’s ongoing war against the feline aliens known as the Kilrathi, and while the movie bits were a bit cheesy there were plenty of funny moments – such as hotshot pilot Maniac’s (played by Tom Wilson of Back to the Future) referring to destroyed Kilrathi spaceships as “kitty litter”.