5 gameplay surprises in Far Cry 5

3. The Magnificent Seven

Hurk can punch through the cult’s defences thanks to his arsenal of heavy weaponry. Will he be the best companion in Far Cry 5?

The earlier Far Cry games have let you recruit generic guns for hire in order to help you achieve your goals, but Ubisoft is taking things a step further this time. Actually, the game will let you recruit seven unique characters with their own set of skills to help you free Montana from the cult.

Amongst these is Grace Armstrong, a sniper who can cover your back while you take on those cultist bastards head on. There’s also pilot Nick Rye, who can drop bombs on your enemies from the skies, giving you an edge in combat. Of course, many will be looking forward to teaming up with Hurk, a funny character who’s featured in previous Far Crys, and who’s fond of blowing things up will rocket launchers as can be seen in the preview video below.

But maybe Boomer might end up being the best companion of all, as the loyal dog can scout your surroundings and help you spot cultists in order to mount a surprise attack and improve your odds of survival in Far Cry 5’s Montana.