5 gameplay surprises in Far Cry 5

2. There’s full co-op gameplay now

You can have fun in Far Cry 5’s open-world together with a friend too… But will they be more a hindrance than a help?

The Far Cry games have never been big on the multiplayer, mostly offering a deep single player campaign set in some remote corner of the world. Thankfully, though, it looks like Ubisoft will improve the multiplayer experience this time around. Actually, it will be possible to play the entire single player campaign in co-op mode in Far Cry 5, meaning you can team up with a friend in order to free Montana from the evil Project at Eden’s Gate cult.

There’s a caveat, though. Only the hosting player gets to keep his progress in the main story and in the game’s open world (such as side quests done for instance). Those who join you for some multiplayer fun will keep any goodies they collect along the way and any earned perks, though… And nonetheless it’s still great to know that Far Cry 5 will have better, deeper multiplayer this time around.