5 gameplay surprises in Far Cry 5

4. You can create your own character this time

Far Cry 5 lets you create your own character for the first time in the series. So, no more egocentric brats to put up with this time around then…

The Far Cry series has boasted some of the best video game villains to date. After all, the likes of Vaas from Far Cry 3 and Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 are some of the best characters in gaming.

The series’ protagonists have not been so great, though. Jack Carver from Far Cry 1 was the sort of protagonist you either love or hate, while Far Cry 2’s mercenary hero simply left a lot to be desired.

And then there’s Jason Brody, the protagonist of Far Cry 3. To say he was a big-mouthed brat would be an understatement… Actually, some people found his banter so annoying that Ubisoft had to settle for a quieter protagonist in Far Cry 4.

So, it will be a blessing to many that you will be able to create your own character in Far Cry 5 then. This means that for the first time ever Far Cry’s protagonist can be female too, something to cheer about, no doubt…