5 Reasons Why Star Wars:The Force Awakens Could Be the Best Star Wars Movie Ever Made

3. New heroes battle impossible odds


Rey and Finn’s lives are about to become more exciting…


Like in the original Star Wars movie, the heroes of The Force Awakens, a woman named Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega) begin their adventure in a sour mood, with Rey even saying at some point that she’s “no one”. And hero Luke Skywalker also yearned for adventure at the beginning of the first Star Wars movie, hoping to become a fighter pilot and leave his boring existence on his uncle’s farm behind.

Luke eventually got to face the Empire and blow up the Death Star and become a hero, and when Finn and Rey meet former smuggler Han Solo and his pal Chewbacca and learn about the Force and Jedis they will hopefully embark on a great adventure too. And surely The Force Awakens will match the sheer spectacle of 1977’s Star Wars, with the stunning images seen in the trailer of a crashed Star Destroyer on the desert planet Jakku and the Millennium Falcon dodging Imperial Tie Fighters in a brilliant sequence suggesting that The Force Awakens will be as epic and entertaining as earlier Star Wars movies…