5 Reasons Why the PS4 Outsold the Xbox One

2. Focusing on the games


Although it is a last generation game, the grand zombie adventure The Last of Us was a great experience on PS4.


While Microsoft pitched the Xbox One as a multimedia machine that would be “at the centre of the living room”, Sony just marketed the PS4 as a game machine. And Sony also presented social features such as being able to share gameplay videos on Facebook with the press of a button. But if anything, Sony made it clear that the PS4 was about the games. And although PS4 exclusives like Killzone Shadow Fall were not the bees’ knees, PS4 owners still got a remaster of last generation’s grand zombie adventure, The Last of Us.

And the PS4 became the console of choice for multiplatform games such as Shadow of Mordor, due to it being a more powerful console than the Xbox One. But to be fair to Microsoft, the Xbox One still sported a pretty good line-up of exclusive games such as Sunset Overdrive. Although strangely Nintendo’s Wii U, which arguably has the best exclusives with titles like Mario Kart and Bayonetta 2, is trailing the pack when it comes to overall sales.

The Last of Us remastered (Naughty Dog)
SOURCE: Amazon UK.