7 video games coming in the last quarter of 2016

5. Dishonored 2


Dishonored was one of 2012 top games with its great setting, the gritty city of Dunwall, and its great story of betrayal starring the masked assassin Corvo who had an assortment of weapons, gadgets and supernatural powers to deal with his enemies.

And Dishonored 2 looks likely to be even better than its predecessor, as it will add a new location to explore (the exotic city of Karnaca) and the now grown-up Emily Kaldwin, who featured in the original game, will be a playable character in addition to Corvo. The pair will have supernatural powers to draw on in order to defeat their opponents, such as Emily’s “Domino” power which allows her to link enemies, so that attacks on one character affect the others, and Corvo’s “Bend Time”, which allows the masked assassin to stop time as seen in the gameplay video below.

Release date: November 11. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.