7 video games coming in the last quarter of 2016

6. Final Fantasy XV


It’s been a long time coming, but Final Fantasy XV will finally be hitting the shelves in late November, after Square Enix announced the game’s original September launch date would be moved back. But this latest instalment of the Final Fantasy series is certainly looking gorgeous judging by the preview videos we’ve seen, featuring new characters like the sexy mechanic Cindy and powerful villains to contend with like Aranea Highwind (pictured).

This is also the first Final Fantasy game to feature open-world gameplay, and like in earlier entries players will also be able to engage in party-based combat, using hack and slash weapons and magic to beat their foes in battle. Of course, the game will also feature the gorgeous and mind-bending imagery the series is famous for, and beautiful locations to explore like the Venice-inspired city seen in the video below.

Release date: November 29. Available on PS4 and Xbox One.