Mass Effect Legendary Edition mod brings back Miranda’s butt shots


If one thing is clear, is that Mass Effect Legendary Edition has wowed many gamers this year. A remastered collection of the Mass Effect trilogy of games, this features remastered graphics, sounds and gameplay enhancements, letting fans relive some of their favorite games of the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation. Meanwhile, newcomers can now dive into the adventures of protagonist commander Shepard in Mass Effect’s future sci-fi world on current consoles and PC.

Aside from giving the Mass Effect games a visual makeover (as well as the other enhancements made to them), Canadian developer BioWare has focused more on the female version of commander Shepard this time around, she being the protagonist of the game’s reveal trailer back in February.

Also, some shots deemed inappropriate or unflattering for the game’s female characters were removed, by adjusting the camera angles as BioWare told PC Gamer earlier this year.

Aside from shots involving the game’s female protagonist (affectionately known to Mass Effect fans as “FemShep”) the infamous butt shots of character Miranda Lawson were all removed in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Miranda is presented in the game in an overtly sexualized way, and her “Barbie doll” physique as seen in Mass Effect 2 has surely made her one of the sexiest female video game characters of all time. Also, she’s voiced by and her likeness is based on the equally stunning Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski. She’s also a love interest for male commander Shepard in the game.

But BioWare thought that removing her butt shots (as seen in the image above) would be the way to go for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, something that may have pissed off some fans. This is because a recently released mod for the game restores these shots, letting you see Miranda’s bum in all its glory again…

As reported on TheGamer earlier this month, the Miranda Butt Shot Restoration mod brings back these shots to the game, however sexist or annoying (or both) some people may find them to be.

The funny thing is that the person behind this mod (a user with the handle Scottina123), released a mod back in 2018 titled “No More Butt Shots” which did the opposite thing and removed Miranda’s butt shots from the game, citing the fact that these were “annoying” as one of the reasons for putting out said mod…

It seems, then, that game devs like BioWare can’t please some people no matter who hard they try, even if it’s clear that Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a great compilation of some of the best sci-fi RPGs released to date, and surely one of the best releases of 2021 so far.

This may have whet players’ appetites for another Mass Effect game, which is actually in production at BioWare right now. However, the Canadian outfit is now focused on the next Dragon Age game rather than Mass Effect, even if neither was seen at EA’s upcoming EA Play Live show (which BioWare didn’t show up for) as TheGamer reports.

For the time being, then, Mass Effect Legendary Edition will have to keep fans of the studio happy, it seems.

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