Atari is getting into hotels this year


If one thing is clear, is that Atari is one of the best-known video game companies in the world. However, some may say the company’s glory days are now behind it: it is no longer a leader in the console space like it was back in the time of the Atari 2600.

Atari is attempting to make a comeback this year with their new Atari VCS console though, which will not only be able to play classic games like Pac-Man but also modern titles in 4K resolution.

It’s still a mystery how well-received the Atari VCS will be, but Atari had been doing pretty well until now as a video game publisher, putting out games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and others.

The company also tried other ventures such as cryptocurrency, while it now plans to open several hotels in the US, the first of which will begin construction in Phoenix, Arizona this year. Seven other hotels are planned in locations all over the US including Las Vegas.

Apart from having the Atari logo prominently displayed on the façade as you can see in the image above, these hotels will offer a “unique lodging experience combining the iconic brand with a one-of-a-kind video game-themed destination” as Atari explains on its website. Plus, there will also be “fully immersive experiences” for all gamers, including virtual and augmented reality experiences.

More interestingly, there will also be studios to host esports events and cutting-edge venues at some of these hotels too.

Atari’s CEO Fred Chesnais said he was thrilled to dive into the hotel market with the Atari brand.

“Atari is an iconic global brand that resonates with people of all ages, countries, cultures and ethnic backgrounds and we cannot wait for our fans and their families to enjoy this new hotel concept”, said Atari’s CEO in a press release.

The company also points out that gamers spent more than $150 billion US dollars in 2019, and that these tend to flock to recognizable brands (such as Atari), with the company attempting to capitalize on this with its upcoming hotel chain.

However, the truth is that Atari right now is only a very small piece of the video game market, and while most are familiar with the Atari name, it remains to be seen whether people will be flocking to Atari hotels in the near future or not. Nonetheless, it would be a good thing if a classic company such as Atari gets to score with both its hotel project and its upcoming Atari VCS console too.

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