Australia and video game sex to come together in upcoming conference

Opinions are divided about video game sex, with some thinking that it can add to the game by helping flesh out its characters and relationships, while other just dismiss it as a mockery of real human relationships, and something designed to tease hormonal teenagers.

But even though it can be argued that video game sex is largely pointless, this has not prevented a group of enterprising people from organizing a conference about the matter in the Land of the Kangaroo.

This is because the “Hearbeat” conference will be taking place in Byron Bay, Australia in December this year. And in order to shed light on the issue of video game sex, several game designers, interdisciplinary and romance artists, performance artists and even a sexual psychologist will be attending this conference which is scheduled between December 1 and 3 this year, as reported on Kotaku.

The conference will be organized by Blush Box, a collective of women who are also video game developers and are based in Australia. And it surely looks like this upcoming conference could be a great opportunity for those in the game development business to improve on the way sex is handled in video games, as it’s clear that it has not always been portrayed in the best possible way in games to date.

Either way, this surely is not the typical video game conference, and here’s hoping those who get the chance to attend enjoy this unique event taking place in Australia this year.

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