Batman: Arkham Knight – Top Things to Look Forward To


batman-arkham-knight-scarecrowAt the end of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, commissioner Gordon warns Batman about escalation, referring to how the bad guys will toughen up and resort to using deadlier weapons in response to Batman’s aggressive tactics. And although Batman is more powerful than ever in Arkham Knight, thanks to his new special abilities and the weapon of mass destruction that is the Batmobile, the bad guys are now older and wiser.

Now that the Joker is out of the picture, the cold and calculating Scarecrow has taken centre stage and united Gotham’s villains in an effort to put an end to the Batman. But it remains to be seen whether Scarecrow can keep villains like Two Face and the Penguin under control, or whether they will follow their own agendas and turn on each other…

Be the Batman

If one thing is clear, is that Rocksteady’s Arkham games have always been dark, gritty and atmospheric. Playing as the Dark Knight in a video game is the ultimate power fantasy, and Rocksteady’s games have always done a great job of putting you in the Dark Knight’s shoes…

But this time Batman won’t be facing Scarecrow and the other villains that have laid siege to Gotham city on his own, as he can count on allies like Robin and Catwoman, which will both be playable during the campaign, as players will be able to switch to other characters during fights.

And there is even a preorder bonus that lets gamers play as the infamous Harley Quinn, who is clearly a woman with an axe to grind as she’ll likely want to avenge her former boss after the events of the previous game in the series, in which things did not turn out well for the Joker…

Note: Gamers will be able to play as the caped crusader again on June 23, 2015, which is the game’s release date. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Batman: Arkham Knight is rated ‘M’ for Mature in the U.S. and PEGI-18 in Europe.