Far Cry 6 season pass lets you play the villains, includes Blood Dragon remaster


If one thing is clear, is that the Far Cry series is renowned for its great villains. Actually, the likes of Vaas are amongst the best video game antagonists of all time, making playing through the likes of Far Cry 3 an even more enthralling experience.

And it seems that psychotic villain Vaas is making a comeback, as he’ll be a playable character in Far Cry 6’s season pass as Ubisoft revealed during its Ubisoft Forward presentation at E3 2021.

The trailer below shows that not only Vaas will be playable, but that those who get hold of Far Cry 6’s season pass will also be able to play as two other top villains: Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 and Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5.

The season pass content appears to focus heavily on Far Cry’s psychedelic dream sequences, with a message appearing at some point in the trailer stating that “the mind is a dangerous place”.

This surreal aspect to the season pass DLC makes sense taking into account that Vaas (one of the villains you can play as) dies in Far Cry 3. Meanwhile, Pagan can die to depending on which of Far Cry 4’s endings you pick.

But seeing the world through Far Cry’s charismatic villains, even in dream sequences, should still be cool, even if resorting to letting people play as the villains of past Far Cry games smacks as a lack of original ideas on Ubisoft’s part.

But still, I definitely can’t wait to see Jason Brody (the protagonist of Far Cry 3) play the antagonist, attacking Vaas and lecturing him on the “meaning of insanity”, an inversion of what happens in the actual game in this season pass content.

It should also be interesting to play as Pagan Min and Joseph Seed. Pagan definitely deserves more screen time after getting so little of it in Far Cry 4, even if the game’s cover featuring the pink-clad dictator caused plenty of controversy back in 2014.

Meanwhile, seeing more religious fanatic Joseph Seed is also a welcome thing, especially taking into account that both him and the other two villains will be played by the same actors as in the original games.

So Michael Mando (who plays Vaas) wasn’t lying when he said that he could be playing his Far Cry 3 character again last year. The character was introduced in a fantastic trailer back in 2012, with the actor returning to the role that made him famous in the video game world nearly a decade later.

Aside from getting to play the villains in the season pass DLC content, this will also include a remastered version of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

The Far Cry 3 spin-off is one of the better entries in the Far Cry series. The game stars a cyber commando played by Terminator actor Michael Biehn and is set in an 80’s inspired sci-fi universe, where the player gets to blast enemies away with lasers. It also has Blood Dragons which shoot lasers from their eyes…

It’s a good thing the game is getting a remaster, but this is likely to be only a slightly souped-up version of the original, which came out on Xbox 360 and PS3 (and PC too), much like Ubisoft did with their Far Cry 3 remaster.

But still, a classic like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon definitely deserves a re-release, which will give people playing on modern consoles a chance to enjoy one of the best Far Cry entries to date. Also, getting to play the villains in the season pass is something that might turn out to be great, so hopefully Ubisoft can deliver something worth players’ time and money when Far Cry 6’s season pass becomes available, presumably some time after the main game releases this fall.

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