Hitman’s latest Elusive Target ‘The Broker’ is now live


Perhaps one of the most noteworthy features of the new Hitman video game are the game’s Elusive Targets. These are shady characters that appear in the game’s levels for a set period of time, with players only getting one chance to kill the Elusive Target before he is gone forever.

The Last Elusive Target to feature in the game was none other than actor Gary Busey himself, who appeared in the game’s Sapienza level and remained there for a full week, and was by far the most played Elusive Target according to game creators IO Interactive.

The next Elusive Target is named “The Broker”, and is now live in the game’s Paris location, which is the setting for the game’s episode 1 main mission and side activities (as you might already know this Hitman game is noteworthy for being released in an episodic format, with the Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh episodes now out and the Thailand episode coming this August).

The briefing video for The Broker character (see above) details that the man deals in antiquities and uses the funds to finance terror organizations throughout the world, and is now in the process of selling a World War II relic known as the “Ivory White”, which does look like a big Easter egg… So the mission not only involves putting The Broker out to pasture, but there’s also the second objective of retrieving the Ivory White, adding to the challenge.

As previous Elusive Target missions have been some of the most difficult in the game it is clear that dealing with The Broker won’t be a cakewalk, but skilled Hitman players who know the Paris map inside out shouldn’t have much trouble dispatching him. And it’s clear that all this live content has certainly made this new Hitman game a more enjoyable and exciting experience.

So hopefully the game’s next episode set in Thailand won’t disappoint the fans, and end up being as good as the earlier Sapienza episode, still the best of this Hitman reboot game.