Mafia 3 gameplay demo shows explosive action and stealth in New Bordeaux


Developer Hangar 13 recently released a gameplay video showing more than 15 minutes of footage from its highly anticipated Mafia III video game. The game is set in the fictional US city of New Bordeaux (which is based on real-life New Orleans) and stars Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam vet looking to get even with the Italian Mafia after they betrayed and took out Clay’s black mob during his time in service…

Judging by this gameplay video, it looks like Mafia III will play like your typical GTA clone, allowing players to explore the city and take part in optional activities and side missions, or take on the main story missions.

Here we see how players can take a stealthier approach in one game mission in which Lincoln must take out one of the Italian mob top dogs, Tony Derazio. Players will be able to perform takedowns and use silenced pistols to down their enemies, but whose not fond of subtlety can also resort to the huge arsenal of guns available in the game…

Actually, in the demo video we see protagonist Lincoln Clay give up on stealth and take his enemies heads on in an spectacular shootout that would not be out of place in a more action-oriented game like Gears of War, proving the gameplay in Mafia III will likely be as fast-paced and exciting as that in a typical GTA game.

But given that Mafia III’s release date is just around the corner, there’s not much longer to wait to find out whether publisher Take-Two’s latest game will live up to the earlier Mafia II and end up being one of the year’s must-play releases.

Note: Mafia III will be released on October 7, 2016. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.