Mass Effect Legendary Edition sales “well above our expectations”, says EA


Mass Effect Legendary Edition has surely been one of the year’s top video game releases so far. A remastered edition of the original trilogy of Mass Effect games, it gave the old classics a fresh coat of paint as well as delivering gameplay improvements and quality of life improvements.

Those looking to relive their old memories playing as the games’ protagonist commander Shepard in an intriguing sci-world could do so again, while newcomers who got hold of Mass Effect Legendary Edition were surely in for a treat, as these are some of the best RPGs ever released.

It also helps that the remaster itself was very good, garnering Metacritic scores of more than 85 on all platforms.

Taking all this into account, it’s not surprising that Mass Effect Legendary Edition has done pretty well since it’s release in May this year, as Electronic Arts’ CEO said in an investors’ call last week.

As reported on PC Gamer, EA boss Andrew Wilson said the fact the company did so well in the last quarter had to do with the sales performance of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, with a little help from co-op game It Takes Two.

“The launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remaster of the first 3 Mass Effect games, reignited the passion of fans around the world, driving sales performance well above our expectations”, said Wilson.

EA’s CEO also referred to the “enduring power” of its franchises, stating that “there is enduring power to the franchisees and IP that we are building”, during EA’s investors call.

EA’s head honcho also stated his commitment to invest further in BioWare’s series, which is definitely a good thing for the Canadian studio.

After all, its two more recent games have turned out to be failures: Mass Effect Andromeda arrived with much fanfare in 2017 only to disappoint Mass Effect fans due to its launch issues, and story and characters which weren’t on a par with those of the original trilogy.

Meanwhile, Anthem debuted in 2019 as a competitor to Activision’s Destiny series, but failed to generate as much interest as EA wanted, with the company pulling the plug on a rebooted version of the game that BioWare had been working on.

So now BioWare is focused on developing new entries in its two most-loved video game series: Dragon Age and Mass Effect. And if one good thing came from Anthem’s failure is the fact that Dragon Age 4 will no longer be a “live service” game, but a single player-focused game like the more recent Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Regarding the next Mass Effect, little is known about it safe the fact that it’ll be more like the original trilogy instead of the failed Mass Effect Andromeda, something that makes even more sense now taking into account how well Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been selling.

It would be a good thing, then, if this is the start of a great new era for BioWare, and that their next Mass Effect game is a return to the glory days when it’s released sometime in the future too.

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