More Mass Effect games join Microsoft’s Xbox One backwards compatibility list


Perhaps one of the most attractive features of Microsoft’s Xbox one and Xbox One S consoles is backwards compatibility, which lets gamers enjoy some of the great (and not so great too) video games which came out for the good old Xbox 360 console over the years.

There are currently more than 250 backwards compatible games at the time of writing, and the list keeps growing, with more Xbox 360 games being added to the list regularly. And already some classy games like Assassin’s Creed II can now be enjoyed on the Xbox One (even if a proper remaster of said game is hitting the shelves this month) and also Call of Duty classics like Black Ops and Rockstar’s ground-breaking Red Dead Redemption can be played on Microsoft’s new-gen console.

And much to the delight of fans of sci-fi video games, Microsoft recently announced that both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 are now backwards compatible on the Xbox One, meaning the entire trilogy can now be enjoyed on Microsoft’s new-gen console.

This will give gamers a chance to enjoy a trip down memory lane and replay some of the best action-adventure RPG games of the last generation, with Mass Effect 2 in particular being one of the best role-playing games made to date. In that game, players had to assemble a mercenary team to deal with a threat that could put an end to the galaxy, while being guided by the mysterious “Illusive Man” in what surely was a video game epic like few others.

So it’s a great thing then, that the entire Mass Effect trilogy can now be played on the Xbox One, making up for the fact that the game’s publisher EA is not inclined to remaster the series, and letting Xbox One owners replay (or perhaps enjoy for the first time) some of the best games of the past console generation.