New Far Cry 5 leak reveals more details


Far Cry fans sure were excited when Ubisoft announced that a new game in the long-running series would indeed be released within the next year. And although the French company has already scheduled a worldwide reveal for May 26, an anonymous source has revealed more details about the game on the web’s favourite forum website, aka Reddit.

One interesting bit of information coming from this leak is that the game won’t actually be set in the Wild West as many had speculated, but that according to the leaker will take place in the modern day. And as we already know by Ubisoft’s recently released teaser videos, the setting for this new Far Cry game will be the US state of Montana, with events taking place in the fictional Hope County.

And while earlier Far Cry games pitted you against psychotic pirate leaders and narcissistic dictators, it seems that we’ll be taking on a cult in this latest Far Cry game. According to the leaker, this will be a “David Koresh-like religious cult”. And religion appears to play a strong role in this upcoming Far Cry, as one promotional video which the Reddit leaker claims to have seen showed “a shirtless lunatic leader brandishing an assault rifle in one hand and a Bible in the other”.

Of course, this evil religious angle could have been dropped by Ubisoft for the final product, as the Reddit poster claims to have been exposed to this information during a focus group meeting back in 2016.

Other additional details we got from this Reddit leak refer to the game’s characters. Apparently, there will be a female mechanic who will aid you and perhaps send you on missions throughout the game. The leaker also referred to a “burnt-out hippie character” who hopefully will end up being an interesting personality to interact with in this upcoming Far Cry game.

Although most weird of all is the main villain’s second in command, a character who’s apparently based on Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. This would fit in with the whole religious cult thing (let’s not forget Cruise’s ties to Scientology in the real world). Although one weird thing about this Tom Cruise lookalike villain is that he apparently ended up being famous due to having worked in the porn industry, something that perhaps might not make it to the final game though…

Those fancying a virtual trip to Montana might want to take a look at Ubisoft’s upcoming Far Cry 5…


Sadly the person behind the leak did not provide details about the protagonist or villain, but hopefully either of these will be as memorable as those in earlier Far Cry games such as Vaas Montenegro of Far Cry 3 or the pretty cool Ajay Ghale main character of Far Cry 4. And let’s not forget other fascinating characters like CIA operative Willis or Pagan Min’s ruthless lieutenant Yuma from Far Cry 4… So given the series’ tendency to feature great characters, it’s likely Far Cry 5 won’t be short of fascinating personalities to spend quality time with when it’s released this year.

Regarding the weapons and drivable vehicles in the game, it appears these will be similar to the ones seen in earlier games like Far Cry 3 and 4, which is not surprising taking into account this will likely be set in the present day like those games were.

Also, no release date was specified for the game, although Ubisoft has already stated Far Cry 5 will arrive before the end of March 2018. Although given that a worldwide reveal is coming this Friday, a Fall 2017 release should certainly be on the cards (Far Cry 4 was released in November 2014, although last year’s Far Cry came out in February 2016).

Of course, all this information should be taken with a big pinch of salt, regardless of the fact that other leaks in the past have ended being true. But since Ubisoft has already announced a worldwide reveal will be taking place this Friday (May 26), we will soon be able to confirm some of these details. Nonetheless, it’s clear this upcoming Far Cry game is already one of the most highly-anticipated Ubisoft games in quite some time, so here’s hoping it ends up living to the hype when it’s released sometime within the next year.