New, limited edition of the PS4 going on sale in June 2019


Without question, the PS4 has been a massive success. Actually, Sony’s flagship console is approaching 100 million units sold since its launch back in late 2013. And given what a success the PlayStation 4 has been, it’s not surprising that Sony launched a more powerful variant of it back in September 2016 (the PS4 Pro), while the Japanese company has also launched several special editions of its console over the years.

These include last summer’s limited edition of the PS4 Pro, and also an earlier gold-coloured model the company put out in 2017. And Sony recently announced during its State of Play video broadcast that a new, limited edition of the PS4 will be hitting shelves this June.

This “Days of Play” edition will likely go on sale next month, coinciding with the start of Sony’s Days of Play event – a celebration of all things PlayStation during which Sony offers a variety of hardware and software deals.

As seen in the video below, this “Days of Play” edition boasts a steel grey colour, and the Square, X, Circle and Triangle logos on the side. It comes equipped with a 1 TB hard drive, and aside from this it’s otherwise identical to any other PS4 Slim out there. Although admittedly it’s not quite as flashy as the blue limited edition which Sony put out during its Days of Play event last year as GameSpot points out.

But still, those yet to get hold of a PS4 could seize this opportunity to jump on Sony’s bandwagon and get hold of one of the best gaming console’s released to date, at least until Sony releases the PS5 later next year, the first details of which have already been revealed to the public.

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