One of the best Hitman games is now backwards compatible on Xbox One


The Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature has been a godsend for those eager to replay Xbox 360 gems like Halo 4 and Crackdown, while Microsoft has kept adding new backward compatible games to the list since the feature went live back in 2015.

And in a recent tweet, Redmond executive Major Nelson revealed the new Xbox 360 games which will be joining the list this month, the highlight of which is none other than Hitman: Blood Money, one of the best games in the long-running Hitman series.

It’s hard to pinpoint what made this game special when it launched back in 2006, but the fact that developer IO Interactive built a series of fascinating levels (such as an Egyptian-themed casino), giving players multiple ways to complete missions, sure was part of the game’s appeal.

Because like other games in the series, Hitman: Blood Money is not about barging into a place with guns blazing (although you can try this approach too if you wish), but rather about taking advantage of opportunities in order to kill your assassination target as any professional hitman would, whether this involves resorting to poison or throwing a heavy object on the unsuspecting victim from a great height…

Hitman: Blood Money’s open-ended gameplay sure made it a gem in 2006, so it’s a good thing Xbox One players can play this Hitman classic on their consoles. As is the case with other backward compatible games, this just involves popping the game disc in the drive and waiting for a download to complete. If you own a digital edition of the game, you’ll just need to head over to “Ready to Dowload” in the “My Games and Apps” menu. The game is also available for purchase on too.

Aside from Hitman: Blood Money, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is now also playable on the Xbox One.

This is aside from recent additions like Mafia II (one of the best GTA clones made to date) and Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light (which ranks amongst the best games starring Lara Croft), adding to a list that now boasts hundreds of games including last-gen classics like Assassin’s Creed II and Mass Effect. And it surely would be a great thing if Microsoft kept adding golden oldies like Hitman: Blood Money to the list, something the Redmond giant looks likely to do in the remainder of this year for sure.