PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima gets release date, story trailer


One of the biggest games releasing this year is Ghost of Tsushima. The PS4 exclusive had been in development for quite a while, having been first announced at the Paris Games Week show back in 2017.

Thankfully, though, Sony has finally revealed when the Japan-set game will be hitting shelves. This will happen on June 26 this year, meaning there’s not so long for players to wait in order to get hold of this eagerly anticipated PlayStation game.

Set in 13th century Japan, Ghost of Tsushima story revolves around the Mongolian invasion of Japan led by their leader Khotun Khan. Historically this invasion failed, although it did cost the Japanese much blood, sacrifice and tears to repel the Mongolian invaders. Taking credit for expelling the invaders were the samurai, Japan’s elite warrior caste.

And in Ghost of Tsushima players take control of Jin, a samurai acting as Japan’s first line of defense against the Mongols on the island of Tsushima. But although he’s been trained in the arts of the samurai by his uncle (who’s the lord of Tsushima) Jin will be resorting to other, less noble tactics to drive the samurai away from his land, something his uncle Shimura berates him for in the game’s story trailer below.

This trailer also shows Khotun Khan, who’s a fictional character and actually wasn’t the leader of the Mongols at the time (that’ll be Kublai Khan for all you history buffs out there).

The game features other characters like Masako, a female samurai who turns against Jin early in the game.

The trailer also showcases Ghost of Tsushima’s beautiful open world, which will feature locations like shrines and forests for players to explore, engaging in combat with enemies with both sword and bow.

And given what a highly anticipated game this is, it would surely be a great thing if Ghost of Tsushima lives up to the hype when it’s released this summer. This is a game that’s been a long time in the making after all, and developer Sucker Punch Productions won’t want to disappoint with its eagerly awaited PS4 exclusive.

Ghost of Tsushima getting a release date also means that all of Sony’s big PlayStation exclusives for 2020 have now been released or gotten a release date. Dreams hit shelves in February last year, and Nioh 2 is coming out very soon, on March 13, while Final Fantasy VII Remake is releasing on April 10.

Meanwhile, The Last of Us Part II will be coming out on May 29, meaning 2020 could be a hot year for those who game on PS4 for sure, so it would be a good thing if Ghost of Tsushima and the other PS4 exclusives in the pipeline turn out to be great this year.

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