PS4 exclusive Judgment gets release date


One of the highlights at last year’s Tokyo Game Show was undoubtedly Judge Eyes, a game made by the team behind the best-selling Yakuza series. Released in Japan last year, this PS4 exclusive will now be hitting our shores in June this year, but will be released with the name Judgment instead.

Set in the fictional Tokyo district of Kamurocho, the game stars former attorney Takayuki Yagami, who’s now a private detective investigating a series of gruesome killings in Tokyo. He’s aided in this task by former Yakuza man Masaharu Kaito and by crooked cop Kazuya Ayabe, amongst others.

Like the Yakuza games, this also features exciting melee combat with several combat styles available, chases, mini-games, searching for clues and other gameplay features to keep you interested as you make your way through Tokyo in this (hopefully) entertaining detective story.

Also, those who pre-order a digital edition of the game will get early access, being able to play Judgment before its official launch date of June 25.

Unlike the Yakuza games, this Western release of Judgment features English voiceovers (although players have the option of listening to the Japanese voices instead), while the Japanese edition of the game was warmly-received by gamers and reviewers last December.

This is one game to look forward to, then, and surely one that fans of the Yakuza series and third-person, story-based games won’t want to miss when it comes out later this year.