Ranking the Hitman first season episodes from worst to best

3. Hitman Episode 6: Hokkaido

You can always practice relaxing yoga between killings in Episode 6’s Hokkaido mission.


After the slight disappointment that Hitman’s Colorado episode was, at least Hokkaido was a fitting end to Hitman’s first ever episodic season. Set on a mountaintop hospital in Japan, this also had a James Bond vibe, with developer IO clearly looking to movies like Spectre for inspiration.

This was also different to earlier episodes as you had to start the mission without any gear and find any necessary stuff onsite. Also, the facility is run by an AI here which lets people access different areas of the hospital based on the clothes they are wearing, surely adding to the challenge of completing the mission. Plus one of the targets is stuck on an operating table for the duration of the mission, letting you play surgeon and dispose of him in several funny ways I won’t spoil here, but which sure fit in perfectly with Hitman’s usual black humour.

All in all, Hokkaido sure ended Hitman’s first season on a high note, even if we are left with more questions than answers by the end. But hopefully things will be clarified in Hitman’s upcoming second season…