See ‘Thunderjaw’ and ‘Snapmaw’ in action in these two new Horizon: Zero Dawn videos


If one thing is clear, is that Horizon: Zero Dawn is not only one of the most anticipated video games of 2017, but also one of the most promising PS4 exclusives in years. This is not only due to the game’s charismatic protagonist Aloy, but also due to it’s open-world gameplay and novel post-apocalyptic setting.

In Horizon: Zero Dawn’s world, humans live a tribal existence and must face giant robotic machines resembling dinosaurs which have taken over the planet. These robotic enemies sure are interesting, and will take different tactics to put down as we saw in an earlier gameplay video for Guerrilla Games’ upcoming open-world game.

And those looking forward to playing Horizon: Zero Dawn will be happy to know that two new videos have been released showing the game’s “Thunderjaw” and “Snapmaw” enemies in action (see below), which also reveal how players can take these behemoths down. For instance, using Thunderjaw’s “disc launcher” weapon against it will be the key to defeating the beast, while Snapmaw can be put to rest by destroying its “cryo sac” (the creature has an attack that can freeze players in place).

Thunderjaw and Snapmaw are two of the many robotic beasts which will feature in Horizon: Zero Dawn, meaning the game’s enemy variety and different tactics required to take each creature down could be one of its highlights. But what’s clear is that many gamers are holding their breath for Guerrilla Games’ upcoming post-apocalyptic title, a game which will hopefully live up to the hype when it ships later this month.

Note: Horizon: Zero Dawn will be released on February 28, 2017. Available on PS4.

Horizon: Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games)