The Far Cry games are getting a big discount on Steam this week


The Far Cry franchise is as popular as it’s ever been, with the latest entry in the series Far Cry 5 topping the sales charts and getting rave reviews from critics worldwide. And those who got their first taste of the franchise with that game and are finished riding Montana of a religious cult might be looking to dive into another Far Cry adventure, in order to discover what else Ubisoft’s long-running franchise has to offer.

And this is a good time to do so especially if you’re a PC gamer, as Steam is discounting the entire series (minus Far Cry 5) this week. This offer runs until Monday, May 14, and lets you pick up the original Far Cry and its sequels at a 60 % discount.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the lot is Far Cry 3 ($7.99 on Steam now), an open world shooter set on a tropical island. Here you take the role of Jason Brody, a man on a mission to rescue his friends from a deadly group of pirates led by Vaas Montenegro, one of the best (and craziest) video game villains to date. And no matter the greatness of Far Cry 5, it’s clear that part 3 remains the best game in the series for many people (me included), and is one of the best shooters of the decade too.

Not far behind is its superb sequel Far Cry 4 ($11.99 on Steam now) a game which, while being similar to its predecessor, managed to improve on the earlier Far Cry 3 when it came to gameplay and also boasts a terrific villain in dictator Pagan Min.

Also on sale is the original Far Cry ($3.99), a cutting-edge shooter back in 2004 which is still fun to play despite it being one of the most punishingly difficult games ever made. Aside from these, the less impressive Far Cry 2 ($3.99) and the Stone Age-set Far Cry Primal ($19.99) are also on sale.

Going beyond the Far Cry franchise, Steam is also discounting other top-rated video games this week such as the entire Mass Effect series, and also the great superhero game Batman: Arkham Knight and the Crysis games amongst others.

This could be an opportunity to stock up on some great games at discounted prices then, and especially the likes of Far Cry 3 and 4 really do belong in any self-respecting PC gamer’s Steam library. And it surely would be a great thing if Steam kept running its weekly sales throughout the year, giving gamers a chance to pick up some of the best games released in the last couple years at bargain prices.